I purchased my second marmoset from Chris DeMango a little over 2 years ago,  and met him for the first time in person at that time when I went to Fowl Mouth Farm to pick up my little marmoset baby. Chris DeMango opened his home up to me and my husband and made us feel right at home. When I first laid eyes on my happy healthy baby marmoset I fell in love! Chris DeMango gave me a recipe for the formula he used along with some that he already had made so I had what i needed for my drive back home. Chris also made sure I was using the correct method of feeding such a young marmoset (8 weeks) by demonstrating along with having me feed my baby marmoset to make sure I was doing it right before I left his home and facility. Chris DeMango also made several follow-up calls (spanning over the first month) to me once I was home with my marmoset to make sure all was going well with the feeding and caring for my baby marmoset. Chris really set my mind at ease and made the transition from his facility to my home less stressful for my marmoset with all he taught me and suggested I do for my baby marmoset once he was in my care. I really appreciated that.  

 Chris DeMango has one of the cleanest and most beautiful breeding facilities I have seen in a long while. you can definitely tell that Chris DeMango takes pride in his breeding of marmoset, tamarin, and capuchin monkeys as well as other neat and exotic animals. when visiting his farm you can hear the lovely sounds of his happy healthy animals and  it really warms your heart how much care and love he puts into his breeder marmoset, tamarin, capuchin and other monkeys. That love also bleeds onto the healthy monkey babies. The time and care he puts into making sure you have a happy healthy monkey baby really shows when you pick it up!

I  highly recommend Chris DeMango as my choice of maromoset monkey, tamarin and capuchin breeder. Chris DeMango is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to caring, feeding and breeding of marmosets, tamarins, capuchins and other primates as well as other exotic animals. with his 30+ years of breeding experience I trust no other when it comes to purchasing primates such as Marmosets, Tamarins, Capuchins and Lemurs.

Sandy Taylor 


Testimonials and comments

 I got my first monkey 5 years ago, he is a marmoset that I got from a lady from a reptile expo, she did not teach me anything, through Internet research I found Chris DeMango, he taught me what to properly care for my marmoset. 

Eventually I got a female marmoset from Chris DeMango, then a cotton top tamarin, then I started volunteering at his facility to get hours for a capuchin license, during that time he took me under his wing, he showed me a lot such as how to raise baby primates and what is the proper diet and enrichment for all the animals on his property.

His facility is beautiful, all the animals are deeply cared from the primates that are in large enclosures with fun toys, all the way to his Pygmy goats having a two story house and space to roam.

By this point I have gotten two more monkeys from DeMango, a Brazilian tufted capuchin and a red handed tamarin but his monkeys aren't the only awesome animals he sells, I also have 3 Persian munchkin cats, and Polish and silkie chickens.


I am grateful for having a friend and breeder like Chris DeMango. We have known each other for 5 years and I am grateful for all the advice and help he has given me. I know he actually cares about his animals and not the money. I've witnessed him turning down buyers multiple times because they just did not feel like the correct owner for the animal.




Taylor McDowell


Dear Chris,


About 3 ½ years ago, someone was teasing me about having such a small cat & a small dog and I made a joke that I was going to get one of those monkeys that go on your finger.  Well, my curiosity got the best of me and I started doing my research.  Come to find out there is no such thing as a “finger monkey!”  I made a decision that I wanted to bring one of these crazy little creatures into my life.  I spoke with a few breeders and luckily came across your information.  During our first phone call, I realized that you are “no nonsense” which I really respect and you gave me more information than all of my other conversations combined.  You were honest with me, and did not tell me what you though I wanted to hear, quite the opposite.  I thought I wanted a girl, but being a female caretaker, you explained to me that a boy would be a better fit.  A few weeks later, my Nibs was born and came home shortly after.  I had no idea what I was doing and was scared half to death!  But, you spoke with me each day, guiding me and reassuring me.  Less than two months later, I decided Nibs needed a buddy and you happened to have a little black tuft boy that was ready for adoption.  We had already chosen the name Hook, so he was perfect.   He was a tiny little thing with big beautiful eyes, he looked like bug!  I stayed in touch with you constantly, and you became a very good friend to me, not just “my breeder.” When Hook was around 4 months old, he got very sick.  There were a lot of ups and downs for about two months and I was told he probably wouldn’t survive.  You stood by my side though every single horrible day of almost 2 months, some days I came to your farm twice a day to help me feed him and you never gave up or didn’t answer my calls.  We decided to stop his medication and take a more natural route… you were right and you saved his life.  I hear stories of breeders that sell monkeys and never speak with the buyers again.  That breaks my heart because Hook would not have lived if not for your help.  About six months later Nibs’ mom had babies again, so I decided to adopt his little brother “Tock.”   My three crazy Neverland boys have changed my life, in wonderful ways I never would have expected.  Any issues I have had with behavior, you walked me through and were completely resolved.  Marmosets are such complicated creatures, I think more so than I still understand, and the tiniest thing or change in their environment can have a huge effect on them.  If these things are not handled properly, small problems can become nightmares.  You take the time to understand what is going on and you take as much time as necessary to help.  Every bit of advice you have ever given me, which you always explain why, has worked.  I know from my own experience that you know these animals well and you know what you are doing and talking about.  I have an enormous amount of respect for your knowledge and insight.  Having a responsible, accountable breeder can make all the difference in someone’s monkey experience.  I am very fortunate to have that in you, as well as a very good friend.


Dannielle Maddock

Pompano Beach, FLdanniellemaddock@gmail.com

Dear Chris Demango,

    After visiting your home and facility last week, known as Fowl Mouth Farms, I wanted to thank you so much for the experience.  I've always heard such wonderful things about you as a breeder of various animals, my favorite being the Marmosets and Capuchins.  But, to actually witness in person how you care for them, constantly make upgrades and keep up with your facility, and help others in need of animal care or behavior issues, it leaves me knowing that you have such a strong desire to help and care for them above and beyond what others may do.

At various times over the phone prior to meeting you in person, you assisted me with giving out your husbandry and nutrition knowledge for these animals, although at the time I had not even purchased from you.  My first thought was why would a breeder help out a non-client person, and after meeting you I know exactly why.  Chris Demango, you are a no-nonsense type person who has the experience and knowledge to help others, you enjoy caring for your animals, and I even experienced seeing you turn down the sale of an animal just to make sure it is properly cared for.  I highly respect you for being upfront with friends and clients or prospect clients.  While it is a business for you to run Fowl Mouth Farm, it's not all about the sale for you. The amount of educating you give to someone on the animal, and the feedback and support to make sure the experienced or inexperienced owner takes the right path of care is priceless. 

   I also would like to say thank you for allowing me to start volunteering at your facility to earn my Capuchin license hours.  The hands on experience you have so far helped show of proper fresh daily diet, upkeep with health of the animals, and ensuring their enclosure is rotated with challenging items to keep them stimulated and happy is key to ensuring a quality of life for them.



Lorin Howells

I have known Chris for at least 10 years. He is an exceptional  & honest man. He breeds Primates as well as a few select other animals. He personally owns a variety of animals. He has rescued exotic animal species, restored them to good health, then found  excellent homes for them.


His facility is healthy, clean, open, and natural. Many of his primate cages are built ‘around’ trees, so the primates have natural places to climb, play and live.

Sunlight and cover is provided. Many of the cages are interconnected by over head tunnels. The primates can move from one cage to another to another for change of scenery to prevent boredom. Additionally toys, ropes  climbing apparatus, balls and stuffed animals are provided for psychological stimulation.


The babies of several species are hand raised. Chris plans his daily schedule around feeding times when he has babies to keep them feed and healthy.


The cages are cleaned daily. The food bowls are placed with fresh food and removed daily to be cleaned and  refilled. The food is human quality, the correct diet for each species, and ample in nutrition and variety.


I would not hesitate in the least to purchase any animal from Chris. I  have done so  in the past and would again in the future.


Lily Maxwell

  Christopher DeMango.com

This letter is to praise the wonderful services of Chris DeMango. We have known Chris for 14 years and have adopted 3 monkeys in that time all of which have been healthy and happy. All of Chris’s creatures live in wild habitats to mimic their natural homes in the wild so they are happy, healthy and thriving in their beautiful tropical setting. He treats them as if they were his own children and has proven more than once that he is sincere in his care of all his animals and his humans too. Chris has gone out of his way to assist us with training and proper diet with each of our beloved pets. When our eldest monkey was sick here with us in Phoenix he guided us with veterinary care and made frequent calls to check up on her which was greatly appreciated. He has been honest and genuine with us every step of the way in our journey with our monkeys over the years.

Chris has gone out of his way to accommodate us when we’ve made multiple long treks from Phoenix, AZ to Florida and could not be more hospitable.

We could not be happier with Chris’s services and cannot imagine adopting from anyone else. He has always been available for questions and for sharing great stories of our little critters! We are so grateful for him and all that he does!!!

If you are considering adopting a baby (primate), you can't  do any better than Chris DeMango, he's in it for life.

If you would like to contact me, my email address is ohsonotso@cox.net

 In November, 2005, I purchased Cato, my first Marmoset, from a wonderful breeder named Christina Witt who was a good friend of Chris DeMango.  Six months later, Christina passed away and I had nobody to ask for help with Marmoset questions.  In March, 2007 when Cato reached puberty he literally went wild.  I said goodnight to my sweet baby one evening when I put him to bed and the next morning there was a wild monkey in his cage.  It literally happened overnight.  I was in tears because I thought my boy was lost to me forever.  I contacted Chris DeMango to see if he could help me through this difficult time.  Three weeks later, and with the help of Chris’ expertise in primate behavior, I had my sweet boy back and I was beyond thrilled. 


A year later I finally found a Virginia vet experienced in care of large primates who agreed to see Cato.  I got a physical exam, x-rays and blood tests done.  The tests showed he had already developed lumbar spondylosis and his blood tests were very abnormal so my vet called the National Zoo, LSU primate center and several other places and was told that they could not help and that private citizens should not have pet monkeys. 


I called Chris who made drastic changes to Cato’s diet and suggested that I repeat the blood tests in six months.   When my vet did the six-month blood tests, both she and I were delighted to see that Cato’s new diet had improved 37 values and that the blood tests were now normal.


When I was considering a move to Florida, Chris told me that I was welcome to stay with him in South Florida while I looked around the area.  I had decided, however, on Central Florida and made the move here in November 2012.  I had to call Chris several times after coming to Florida because of behavior problems with Cato. Chris always had an answer for me.


In December, 2014, Cato started favoring his right arm.  Then he lost weight very quickly so I took him to my vet here in Central Florida.  He repeated blood tests that he had done four months earlier and took x-rays.  His blood tests showed serious problems and the x-rays showed that his lumbar spondylosis was significantly worse.  My vet suggested that I take Cato to the University of Florida zoology veterinarians.  I called Chris for advise and he suggested that I make the trip but be conservative in treatment.   


The vets at UF did a few additional tests and administered sub-cue fluids.  They also gave us meds to alleviate the pain of the lumbar spondylosis.  While Cato initially rallied for a couple of weeks, his health deteriorated to the point where it was necessary to euthanize him.  


During this time, I had contacted Chris about getting a Cotton Top Tamarin, something I had always wanted.  He had a male he was going to keep who was three months old but because we had been friends for years and because of his relationship with Christina Witt, Cato’s breeder, he let me have my Cochise, my Cotton Top.  We got Cochise on January 14th and Cato died on January 19th.  If I had not gotten my new baby, I would have been so very miserable but I could take a lot of comfort in my new baby. 


Chris was amazing in his accuracy on Cochise’s behavior and his acclimation to a new home.  I did everything he told me to do and today my Cochise is a sweet and loving Cotton Top boy who has stolen my heart.  Three months later I got a Marmoset baby boy from Chris.  My new baby helps fill a huge hole that was left in my heart when I lost Cato.


Over the years, Chris has been nothing but good to me even though I did not buy a monkey from him.  I have taken all his advice concerning Cato and it’s the only way that I was able to have and love my boy for almost 9 ½ years.  Today with two DeMango boys in my house, I would turn to Chris first before asking my vet.  In my experience with him over the years, he has always been right.  I would recommend Chris to anyone who wants a monkey and who has seriously considered all the care a monkey requires.  Chris will always be there to help with the many questions and concerns that monkey owners have.  His decades of experience make Chris an outstanding breeder and small primate behavior expert.  His willingness to help makes Chris a good friend.

Testimonials and references from my clients and friends are very important and welcome.  However, anonymous feedback is not wanted.  If you feel strongly about something you have written, please feel strong enough to put your name on it!!!!

Dear Chris DeMango,


Thank you for all the time you have invested in teaching us about good primate care. Especially as it relates to caring for Capuchins as pets. Capuchin Diet, Primate Housing and even your insight into Capuchin Behavior will be invaluable to us when we adopt out pet Capuchin from you. We appreciate very much you instructing us on Florida Laws regarding licensing for Capuchins. Especially the Capuchin hours required by State of Florida to legally own a Capuchin in Florida.

Who knew there was so much required by the State of Florida to be compliant with primate ownership as it applies to different species. Owning a Marmoset as a pet monkey requirements are so different. We are looking forward to the completion of our Capuchin Hours and passing all of our FWC inspections, as no doubt with your guidance will be a breeze, so we can bring home our sweet baby monkey from the best ever USDA breeder Chris DeMango. 


Chris DeMango, I just have to say from the first time I contacted you almost nine years ago looking for a pet monkey, as we laughingly say now a pet finger monkey, you have never been anything but kind and helpful to me. Even though I bought my first pet marmoset from a breeder closer to me, you have been there with support and encouragement every step of the way in primate ownership. When our monkey had health issues you helped us when no one else could. You directed me in what to ask the veterinarian providing primate care at the time and encouraged me through caring for a sick monkey. I credit not only our almost 9 year old marmoset's being alive to your help, but also our youngest that had major health issues common to marmosets. Your knowledge and guidance, not to mention concerned support was invaluable in caring for ill marmosets. I have referred and continue to refer many people to you as a reliable knowledgeable, supportive USDA primate breeder when they are seeking to buy a pet monkey or considering becoming a primate breeder.


It is always a pleasure to be at Fowl Mouth Farm. There is always something to see, something to learn, something to do in a beautiful well kept facility. I have learned so much about proper diet for primates not to mention how to provide safe housing for primates. I have learned how to build enrichment toys for primates and how to properly control a Capuchin. Most of all I have enjoyed developing a dear friendship with you over the years.That is my bonus for developing a good relationship with another true monkey lover. I look forward to even more adventures on Fowl Mouth Farm with monkey expert Chris DeMango, good times good laughs with good friends.Until then and as always .... 


Warmest regards,

Colleen Kogos


I have personally known Chris DeMango for many years.
My husband and I have purchased 2 marmosets, a red
hand tamarin and an owl monkey from Chris. The oldest
of which is 10 years old now. All of them have been very
healthy since the day we brought them home. Chris educated
me on all of their specific needs and made sure I had everything
I needed to get off to a great start. I am very thankful to Chris
for all of his help and taking the time to spend talking to me any
time I had a question or concern. We still have our babies and all
are doing well. I have also made many monkey friends that has
gotten their babies from Chris as well. I have never seen nor heard
anything bad about his breeding practices and have visited his home
and facility many times. I highly recommend Chris as a breeder and
thank him for helping to make our dreams come true. 
Rhonda Kelly


Diane Balog

Easley, SC 29640


When searching for my first primate, I wasn't lucky enough to have known Chris DeMango at that time. I purchased from a breeder that really didn't care about the welfare of the Marmosest that he was selling and did not provide nutritional or character information or prep me for what was to be a huge learning experience. I ended up purchasing two from this breeder, one being very sick and only brokered by him, as I found out later.


After two years, we decided to add a third Marmoset. Luckily by then, I had spoken to Chris DeMango many times. Even though he had not sold me my first two, he was compassionate and willing to give advise when needed and help with educating me on proper care and handling of my other 2. I can deffinately say that Chris DeMango helped save me may times when I was in need. I decided that we would be adding a female thanks to his advise on what would fit into our current situation. He called to let me know when my little girl was born and when I could plan to pick her up. Sending pictures of her and her parents. She was born on the the 4th of July so appropriately was named Freedom. She was the best little girl we could have ever wanted. 


I was so impressed when we arrived at Chris DeMango's home and Farm. What a beautiful place. He was so welcoming and showed us around the entire property. His facility was so beautiful and well maintained. I was impressed with his knowledge of each and every primate I asked about. I was able to not only see Freedom's parents but also siblings that he had kept due to it being such a good bloodline. Chris Demango was able to give me contact information to others that he continued to keep in touch with that also had related marmosets to our new baby.


As time went on, my husband and I realized that monkeys were a passion and a part of our lives that we would always enjoy. After seeing so many beautiful Cotton Top Tamarins from owners that had gotten their babies from Chris DeMango, we decided that that would be the next primate that we added, and since we lived in Florida, we could legally acquire one. It was never a question which breeder that we would use. DeMango had kept in touch with us and had never failed to return my calls any time I was questioning something with my Marmosets or just wanted to know the best diet that I should be providing. I called him to talk to see what would be the best fit and he said without a doubt, a female Cotton Top Tamarin would fit right in. He told me in advance what to expect, put me in touch with others that already had older siblings and put me on the list for the next little girl. This was over two years ago that Roxy, my oldest Cotton Top came to live with us. She was welcomed right in by all the others, just like Chris Demango said she would be.


A year later, we added a second Cotton Top Tamarin. It was only fitting that this little one be his namesake. We named her Mango. Chris had become almost like family at this point. Opening his home for visits and even gatherings for owners of his primates and those looking to learn more about what it would be like to own one. I made lifelong friends and I can now watch siblings grow both younger and older than my babies. We now try to gather at least once to twice a year at what is now called The Fowl Mouth Farm. I don't know of any breeder that is this welcoming or as involved with his owners as this. Chris DeMango is one of a kind.


You would have thought that we had a full house at this point, but after visiting Chris DeMango many times, I knew that I was ready for the challenge of a larger primate. Since we have moved to a larger new house and relocated to South Carolina, we felt this could work!!  His Brazilian Capuchins were some of the most beautiful I had seen. I could spend the entire day interacting and watching his group at the farm. They were all so happy and loved the attention. After meeting and spending time with another client that had a capuchin from Chris DeMango and instantly fell in love. He was so helpful in prepping us for our new arrival. I honestly think he was as excited for us as we were to meet our new baby boy.


Jax, the most adorable Capuchin, came home a year ago and I can honestly say, I cannot count how many times I have relied on Chris DeMango and his staff to help me and answer my endless questions. He has been there for me and never faltered. I have also been able to be a part of the lives of both Jax's younger and older siblings and now talk to their parents daily and weekly thanks to Chris DeMango and his dedication to help us all thru such an amazing experience. It's great to know and find a breeder that isn't afraid to stay in touch with owners and even be there for the ones he didn't even sell. His knowledge never fails to amaze me and his passion and care for his animals cannot ever be questioned. If in the future, we decided to add to our monkey family, Chris DeMango will not doubt be the breeder that I call.